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14. Jan 2003

Eaysok 0.3.1 rpm's on apps.kde.com.

Andreas Pour has made rpm's for SuSE 8.0/8.1, Mandranke 9.0 and Red Hat 8.0 available on apps.kde.com. Note that you have to be subscribed to the not free (as in beer) Binary Package subscription service of apps.kde.com. The next version of EasySok will probably released with free rpm packages for the most important distros, if I win the fight with rpm/rpmbuild :).

13. Jan 2003

EasySok 0.3.1 was released

This is mostly a bugfix release, which fixes problems with gcc 3.2, installing EasySok in a non KDE directory and not having libmng installed. Additionally two new collections were added (LOMA and Sasquatch VI). And last not least some performance improvements were incorporated.

12. May 2002

EasySok 0.3.0 was released

After being without real internet access for nearly two month, I'm finally online again :) This release mostly fixes some issues with KDE3 and dropped support for KDE2. Additionally the compatibilty with more standard compliant compilers like gcc 3.x was improved. The speed of the move and push optimization was improved. And last not least the MasMicroban collection from David W. Skinner was added.

18. Feb 2002

EasySok 0.2.1 was released

This release fixes some really bad bugs (thanks to the anonymous bug submitter). One bug was in the gem drag routine. Another caused more than one selected collection in the menus. Also there were some bugs in the solver, which could crash EasySok. It's strongly recommended to update to this release!

11. Feb 2002

EasySok 0.2 was released

First of all, a lot of bugs were fixed. The graphics of the themes are compressed mich better, which results in noticable smaller package sizes (and which maybe decreases the barrier to include EasySok in the kdegames package:). Additionally the usability of some themes was (hopefully) enhanced. A first (rough) german translation is available (not for the handbook). Illegal moves can now be treated as virtual moves.

14. Jan 2002

EasySok 0.2-beta3 was released.

This release allows you to send all your best solutions of a level, a collection or of all levels to the highscore server. It also (hopefully) fixes the problems when building the KDE3 version with a multithreaded Qt. A flicker problem with the KDE3 version is fixed. A problem with saving the last attempt was fixed. Added support for the regexp editor in the KDE3 version (which unfortunately crashes on my machine when using it, but you may have more luck). Added a menu entry with the recently used collections. You can now draw 'lines' of elements in the editor instead of clicking multiple times. An option to send solutions of levels to the server, which are not older than a given date.

07. Jan 2002

EasySok 0.2-beta2 was released.

This mainly fixes a bug, which can lead to segmentation faults. Some other small bugs are fixed as well. And the level editor has now accelerators and options to change them and the toolbar.

05. Jan 2002

EasySok 0.2-beta1 was released.

This is the first version, where a KDE3 and KDE2 version is supplied. The most important new feature is, that you can now use a global highscore server, to send your best solutions to the server and compare your solutions with that of users. The solutions are now not only discriminated by the number of pushes and moves, but also by the number of linear pushes and gem changes (the number of times you moved a different gem). The now completed Picocosmos collection from Aymeric Du Peloux, the Grigr2001 collection from Evgeniy Grigoriev and 100 boxes collection from François Marques were added. An option to automatically save the state (modified collections, solutions and bookmarks) in regular intervals was added, so you don't loose all you've done when EasySok crashes (which should not happen, of course). The level editor now has a (in my opinion) much better interface and does not block the main window anymore. The functions to create new levels and collections have been improved. Temporary collections are now marked accordingly and can be made non temporary. And, last not least, many, many bugfixes (see the ChangeLog file for the details).

Because this is a beta release, expect the occasional bug. Especially the new highscore server feature may exhibit problems, so please test it (I'm very much interested in reports if you can use it with proxy servers). It is also possible, that your best solutions or your account may be deleted on the highscore server, if I have to do major restructuring to add new features. Note that this should be no problem, because you can always resend your best solutions to the server. If you get segmentation faults with the KDE3 version, try the --disable-mt flag when configuring.

11. Dec 2001

EasySok 0.1.6 was released.

This is mostly a bugfix release (plus a new simple theme added).

08. Dec 2001

EasySok 0.1.5 was released.

It mostly fixes the corrupt Sasquatch V collection of EasySok 0.1.4.

07. Dec 2001

EasySok 0.1.4 was released.

01. Dec 2001

Easysok 0.1.3 was released. It has a completely rewritten theme engine (and some minor feature enhancements).

20. Nov 2001

EasySok 0.1.2 was released.

17. Nov 2001

Easysok 0.1.1 was released.

13. Nov 2001

Easysok 0.1 was released.

31. Oct 2001

The first beta version was realeased.

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