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AtomicMove Class Reference

This class represents an atomic move of the keeper or a gem. More...

#include <atomic_move.h>

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Public Types

enum  AtomicMoveType { LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN }

Public Methods

 AtomicMove (AtomicMoveType type)
AtomicMoveType type () const
QPoint const & diff () const
QString toText () const

Private Attributes

AtomicMoveType m_type

Static Private Attributes

QPoint const s_diffs [4]

Detailed Description

This class represents an atomic move of the keeper or a gem.

An atomic move is a move one field left, right, up or down.

Ralf Schmelter (
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Member Enumeration Documentation

enum AtomicMove::AtomicMoveType

Defines codes for atomic moves.

Enumeration values:
LEFT   An atomic move left.
RIGHT   An atomic move right.
UP   An atomic move up.
DOWN   An atomic move down.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AtomicMove::AtomicMove AtomicMoveType type

Constructs the atomic move from an AtomicMoveType.

type   The type of the move.

Member Function Documentation

QPoint const& AtomicMove::diff const

Returns a point which represents the atomic move.

For AtomicMove::LEFT we return QPoint(-1, 0). For AtomicMove::RIGHT we return QPoint(1, 0). For AtomicMove::UP we return QPoint(0, -1). For AtomicMove::DOWN we return QPoint(0, 1).

QString AtomicMove::toText const

Returns a human readable representation of the atomic move.

AtomicMoveType AtomicMove::type const

Returns the AtomicMoveType.

Member Data Documentation

AtomicMoveType AtomicMove::m_type [private]

The atomic move type.

QPoint const AtomicMove::s_diffs[4] [static, private]

The diffs for the four directions.

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