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CollectionComparer Class Reference

This class compares two collections. More...

#include <collection_comparer.h>

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Public Methods

 CollectionComparer (Collection const &collection1, Collection const &collection2)
bool areEqual () const
bool areUnrelated () const
bool onlyTrivialChanges () const
bool onlyCollectionNameChanged () const
bool addsLevels () const
bool removesLevels () const
bool changesProperties () const
bool reordersLevels () const
bool operator< (CollectionComparer const &other) const

Private Attributes

int m_nr_reordered
int m_nr_removed
int m_nr_added
bool m_are_equal
bool m_are_unrelated
bool m_only_collection_name_changed
bool m_adds_levels
bool m_removes_levels
bool m_changes_properties
bool m_reorders_levels
bool m_not_trivial_changes

Detailed Description

This class compares two collections.

Ralf Schmelter (

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CollectionComparer::CollectionComparer Collection const & collection1,
Collection const & collection2

Creates the object.

collection1   The first collection.
collection2   The second collection.

Member Function Documentation

bool CollectionComparer::addsLevels const

Returns true, if the first collection adds levels to the second collection.

bool CollectionComparer::areEqual const

Returns true, if both collections are absolutely equal.

bool CollectionComparer::areUnrelated const

Returns true, if the collections are absolutely unrelated.

bool CollectionComparer::changesProperties const

Returns true, if the first collection changes properties of the second collection.

bool CollectionComparer::onlyCollectionNameChanged const

Returns true, if only the name of the collection is changed.

bool CollectionComparer::onlyTrivialChanges const

Returns true, if only trivial changes are found (difficulty, copyright, info or author changed).

bool CollectionComparer::operator< CollectionComparer const & other const

Returns true, if the current collection comparerer found a worser equality than the given comparer.

other   The other comparer.

bool CollectionComparer::removesLevels const

Returns true, if the first collection removes levels from the second collection.

bool CollectionComparer::reordersLevels const

Returns true, if the first collection reorders properties of the second collection.

Member Data Documentation

bool CollectionComparer::m_adds_levels [private]

The first collection adds levels.

bool CollectionComparer::m_are_equal [private]

The collections are equal.

bool CollectionComparer::m_are_unrelated [private]

The collections are unrelated.

bool CollectionComparer::m_changes_properties [private]

The first collection changes properties.

bool CollectionComparer::m_not_trivial_changes [private]

Not trivial changes are found.

int CollectionComparer::m_nr_added [private]

The number of added levels.

int CollectionComparer::m_nr_removed [private]

The number of removed levels.

int CollectionComparer::m_nr_reordered [private]

The number of reordered levels.

bool CollectionComparer::m_only_collection_name_changed [private]

The collection only has another name.

bool CollectionComparer::m_removes_levels [private]

The first collection removes levels.

bool CollectionComparer::m_reorders_levels [private]

The first collection reorders levels.

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