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ConfigurationDialog Class Reference

The configuration dialog. More...

#include <configuration_dialog.h>

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void configurationChanged ()

Public Methods

 ConfigurationDialog (QWidget *parent=0, char const *name=0)
virtual ~ConfigurationDialog ()

Protected Slots

virtual void slotOk ()
virtual void slotApply ()
virtual void slotDefault ()

Private Types

enum  Page {

Private Methods

void setupCorePage ()
void setupCoreDefaults ()
void applyCoreSettings ()
void setupMousePage ()
void setupMouseDefaults ()
void applyMouseSettings ()
void setupSolverPage ()
void setupSolverDefaults ()
void applySolverSettings ()
void setupBookmarksPage ()
void setupBookmarksDefaults ()
void applyBookmarksSettings ()
void setupAnimationSpeedPage ()
void setupAnimationSpeedDefaults ()
void applyAnimationSpeedSettings ()
void setupScalingPage ()
void setupScalingDefaults ()
void applyScalingSettings ()
void setupConfirmationPage ()
void setupConfirmationDefaults ()
void applyConfirmationSettings ()

Private Attributes

QCheckBox * m_next_after_solved
QCheckBox * m_wrap_virtual_keeper
QCheckBox * m_goto_any_level
QCheckBox * m_hide_cursor
KIntNumInput * m_hide_cursor_delay
KIntNumInput * m_mouse_repeat_delay
KIntNumInput * m_mouse_repeat_rate
QCheckBox * m_auto_save_enabled
KIntNumInput * m_auto_save_time
QCheckBox * m_show_difficulty
QCheckBox * m_show_gems_left
QCheckBox * m_show_author
QCheckBox * m_show_user
KIntNumInput * m_solver_steps_per_call
KIntNumInput * m_solver_cache_size
KIntNumInput * m_bookmarks
QRadioButton * m_no_bookmark_date
QRadioButton * m_bookmark_date
QRadioButton * m_bookmark_time
QRadioButton * m_no_bookmark_collection
QRadioButton * m_bookmark_collection
QRadioButton * m_bookmark_level
QRadioButton * m_no_bookmark_annotation
QRadioButton * m_bookmark_annotation
KIntNumInput * m_fast_animation_speed
KIntNumInput * m_normal_animation_speed
KIntNumInput * m_slow_animation_speed
KIntNumInput * m_min_square_size
QRadioButton * m_bad_scaling
QRadioButton * m_good_scaling
QRadioButton * m_timed_scaling
KIntNumInput * m_scaling_switch_time
QCheckBox * m_overwrite_bookmarks
QCheckBox * m_overwrite_game
QCheckBox * m_overwrite_collection
QCheckBox * m_overwrite_solutions
QCheckBox * m_overwrite_image
QCheckBox * m_overwrite_animation

Detailed Description

The configuration dialog.

Ralf Schmelter (

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ConfigurationDialog::Page [private]

Used to number the pages.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConfigurationDialog::ConfigurationDialog QWidget * parent = 0,
char const * name = 0

Constructs the dialog.

parent   The parent widget.
name   The internal name.

virtual ConfigurationDialog::~ConfigurationDialog [virtual]

Stores the window geometry.

Member Function Documentation

void ConfigurationDialog::applyAnimationSpeedSettings [private]

Applies the animation speed settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::applyBookmarksSettings [private]

Applies the bookmarks settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::applyConfirmationSettings [private]

Applies the confirmation settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::applyCoreSettings [private]

Applies the core settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::applyMouseSettings [private]

Applies the mouse settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::applyScalingSettings [private]

Applies the scaling settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::applySolverSettings [private]

Applies the solver settings.

void ConfigurationDialog::configurationChanged [signal]

Called when the configuration has changed.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupAnimationSpeedDefaults [private]

Setup animation speed defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupAnimationSpeedPage [private]

Setup the animation speed page.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupBookmarksDefaults [private]

Setup bookmarks defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupBookmarksPage [private]

Setup the bookmarks page.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupConfirmationDefaults [private]

Setup confirmation defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupConfirmationPage [private]

Setup the confirmation page.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupCoreDefaults [private]

Setups the core defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupCorePage [private]

Setups the core page.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupMouseDefaults [private]

Sets up the mouse defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupMousePage [private]

Sets up the mouse page.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupScalingDefaults [private]

Setup scaling defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupScalingPage [private]

Setup the scaling page.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupSolverDefaults [private]

Sets up the solver defaults.

void ConfigurationDialog::setupSolverPage [private]

Sets up the solver page.

virtual void ConfigurationDialog::slotApply [protected, virtual, slot]

Apply the options.

virtual void ConfigurationDialog::slotDefault [protected, virtual, slot]

Set defaults.

virtual void ConfigurationDialog::slotOk [protected, virtual, slot]

Apply the options and quit.

Member Data Documentation

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_auto_save_enabled [private]

Auto save enabled.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_auto_save_time [private]

The auto save time.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_bad_scaling [private]

If set, we use bad pixmap scaling.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_bookmark_annotation [private]

If set, we display bookmark annotations.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_bookmark_collection [private]

If set, we display the collection name.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_bookmark_date [private]

If set, we display the dates in bookmarks.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_bookmark_level [private]

If set, we display the collection name and level number.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_bookmark_time [private]

If set, we display dates and times in bookmarks.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_bookmarks [private]

The bookmarks widget.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_fast_animation_speed [private]

The speed for fast animation.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_good_scaling [private]

If set, we use good pixmap scaling.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_goto_any_level [private]

If set, we can goto any level.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_hide_cursor [private]

If set, we automatically hide the cursor after a time unused.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_hide_cursor_delay [private]

The time in seconds after which to hide the cursor.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_min_square_size [private]

The minimum size of a field.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_mouse_repeat_delay [private]

The mouse repeat delay.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_mouse_repeat_rate [private]

The mouse repeat rate.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_next_after_solved [private]

If set, we can jump to the next level after solved.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_no_bookmark_annotation [private]

If set, we display no bookmark annotations.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_no_bookmark_collection [private]

If set, we display no collection and level name.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_no_bookmark_date [private]

If set, we don't display dates and times in bookmarks.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_normal_animation_speed [private]

The speed for normal animation.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_overwrite_animation [private]

Should we ask when we overwrite animations in an export operation.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_overwrite_bookmarks [private]

Should we ask when we overwrite a bookmark in an export operation.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_overwrite_collection [private]

Should we ask when we overwrite a collection in an export operation.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_overwrite_game [private]

Should we ask when we overwrite a game in an export operation.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_overwrite_image [private]

Should we ask when we overwrite images in an export operation.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_overwrite_solutions [private]

Should we ask when we overwrite solutions in an export operation.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_scaling_switch_time [private]

The time, after which to switch from good to bad scaling.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_show_author [private]

Show the author.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_show_difficulty [private]

Show the difficulty of the level.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_show_gems_left [private]

Show the gems left.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_show_user [private]

Shows the current user.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_slow_animation_speed [private]

The speed for slow animation.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_solver_cache_size [private]

The size of the solver cache widget.

KIntNumInput* ConfigurationDialog::m_solver_steps_per_call [private]

The number of solver steps per call widget.

QRadioButton* ConfigurationDialog::m_timed_scaling [private]

If set, we switch from bad to good scaling after a some time.

QCheckBox* ConfigurationDialog::m_wrap_virtual_keeper [private]

If set, we can wrap the virtual keeper.

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