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MainWindow Class Reference

The main window. More...

#include <main_window.h>

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Public Types

enum  BookmarkFormat {

Public Slots

void prevCollection ()
void nextCollection ()
void prevLevel ()
void nextLevel ()
void selectLevel ()
void firstLevel ()
void lastLevel ()
void moveLeft ()
void moveRight ()
void moveUp ()
void moveDown ()
void moveFarLeft ()
void moveFarRight ()
void moveFarUp ()
void moveFarDown ()
void moveVirtualLeft ()
void moveVirtualRight ()
void moveVirtualUp ()
void moveVirtualDown ()
void pullMoveLeft ()
void pullMoveRight ()
void pullMoveUp ()
void pullMoveDown ()
void moveKeeper (QPoint point)
void moveKeeper (QPoint from, QPoint to)
void moveGem (QPoint from, QPoint to)
void undo ()
void redo ()
void jumpToStart ()
void jumpToEnd ()
void loadBestSolution ()
void loadASolution ()
void annotateSolution ()
void setCollection (int index)
void changeAnimations (int speed)
void hideGemsChanged ()
void hideGoalsChanged ()
void outsideAsWallChanged ()
void honorDeadlockChanged ()
void setTheme (int theme)
void nextTheme ()
void previousTheme ()
void importCollection ()
void exportGame ()
void sendGame ()
void importGame ()
void exportCollection ()
void sendCollection ()
void exportSolutions ()
void sendSolutions ()
void importSolutions ()
void playMoves ()
void showKeyDialog ()
void showToolbarDialog ()
void updateToolbar ()
void showSolutions ()
void showHighscores ()
void showPushesChanged ()
void setBookmark (int index)
void gotoBookmark (int index)
void annotateBookmark (int index)
void importKSokobanBookmark (int index)
void showOptionsDialog ()
void minimizeMoves ()
void minimizeCollectionMoves ()
void minimizeLevelMoves ()
void minimizePushes ()
void minimizeCollectionPushes ()
void minimizeLevelPushes ()
void deleteSolutions ()
void deleteSolutionsByName ()
void stopAnimation ()
void solved ()
void unsolved ()
void solvedByHand ()
void updateStatusBar ()
void configChanged ()
void autoOptChanged ()
void retroModeChanged ()
void editCurrentLevel ()
void insertNewLevel ()
void insertNewCollection ()
void deleteCurrentLevel ()
void deleteCurrentCollection ()
void duplicateCurrentLevel ()
void duplicateCurrentCollection ()
void copyCurrentLevel ()
void pasteLevel ()
void pasteLevelInNewCollection ()
void makeCurrentCollectionNonTemporary ()
void solve ()
void exportGameImage ()
void exportGameAnimation ()
void levelInfo ()
void collectionInfo ()
void findDups ()
void performFindDups ()
void animationWriteStep ()
void isOldPosition ()
void forceUpdateCollections ()
void tipOfTheDay ()
void reorderCollectionsAndLevels ()
void setEditedLevel (LevelEditor *level_editor)
void levelEditorExited (LevelEditor *level_editor)
void createUser ()
void importUser ()
void setUser ()
void changeUser ()
void autoSendSolutions ()
void sendBestSolutionToServer ()
void compareSolution ()
void getBestSolutionFromServer ()
void saveState ()
void quit ()

Public Methods

 MainWindow (QWidget *parent=0, char const *name=0)
virtual ~MainWindow ()
void setLevel (int collection_nr, int level_nr, bool force_update=false, bool dont_save_act_level=false)

Protected Methods

virtual void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *event)
virtual void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *event)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)

Private Methods

void updateUserStatusBar ()
void sendSolutionToServer (Map const &map, Movements const &moves, int nr_of_pushes, int nr_of_linear_pushes, int nr_of_gem_changes, int nr_of_moves)
void createLevelEditor (Level const &level, int collection_nr, int level_nr)
void insertLevelIntoNewCollection (Level const &level)
LevellevelFromClipboard ()
QString levelNameAndCollection (Level const &level, int level_nr, Collection const &collection) const
QString currentGameToText ()
QString solutionsText ()
KURL getSaveUrl (QString const &dialog_tag, QString const &filter) const
void saveDataAsXsbFile (QString const &data, QString const &dialog_tag) const
void mailData (QString const &data) const
QStringList loadDataFromXsbFile (QString const &dialog_tag) const
void addCollection (Collection const &collection)
void optimizeSolutions (int from, int to, Optimizer *optimizer)
void updateWasSolvedActions ()
void updateUndoRedoActions ()
void updateLevelActions ()
PixmapProvidergetPixmapProvider ()
CollectionactCollection ()
Level const & actLevel ()
int lastLegalLevel () const
void saveCurrentLevelState ()
void readConfig ()
void readChangedOptions ()
void writeConfig ()
void setupActions ()
void setupAccels ()
void setupCollectionMenu ()
void setupThemeMenu ()
void setupBookmarkMenu ()
void setupBookmarkMenuEntry (int index)
char const * imageType (KURL const &url) const

Private Attributes

int m_collection_nr
int m_level_nr
int m_best_number_of_pushes
int m_best_number_of_moves
int m_is_solved
bool m_was_solved
bool m_next_level_when_solved
bool m_auto_optimize_moves
bool m_auto_optimize_pushes
int m_theme
bool m_hide_gems
bool m_hide_goals
bool m_outside_as_wall
bool m_honor_deadlocks
bool m_show_arrows
bool m_goto_any_level
int m_animation_speed
BookmarkFormat m_bookmark_format
QTimer * m_animation_timer
QTimer * m_find_dups_timer
KToggleAction * m_retro_mode_action
int m_number_of_bookmarks
KToggleAction * m_hide_gems_action
KToggleAction * m_hide_goals_action
KToggleAction * m_outside_as_wall_action
KToggleAction * m_honor_deadlock_action
KToggleAction * m_show_arrow_action
KActionMenu * m_collection_menu
QSignalMapper * m_collection_mapper
std::vector< KRadioAction *> m_collection_actions
KActionMenu * m_collection_by_author_menu
std::vector< KRadioAction *> m_collection_by_author_actions
std::vector< KActionMenu *> m_collection_by_author_submenus
KActionMenu * m_collection_by_difficulty_menu
std::vector< KRadioAction *> m_collection_by_difficulty_actions
std::vector< KActionMenu *> m_collection_by_difficulty_submenus
KActionMenu * m_theme_menu
QSignalMapper * m_theme_mapper
std::vector< KRadioAction *> m_theme_actions
KToggleAction * m_dont_optimize_solutions_action
KToggleAction * m_auto_optimize_moves_action
KToggleAction * m_auto_optimize_pushes_action
KAction * m_undo_action
KAction * m_redo_action
KAction * m_play_action
KAction * m_jump_start_action
KAction * m_jump_end_action
KAction * m_load_best_sol_action
KAction * m_load_sol_action
KAction * m_annotate_sol_action
KAction * m_delete_sol_action
KAction * m_min_moves_action
KAction * m_min_pushes_action
KAction * m_prev_level_action
KAction * m_next_level_action
KAction * m_first_level_action
KAction * m_last_level_action
KActionMenu * m_bookmark_set_menu
KActionMenu * m_bookmark_goto_menu
KActionMenu * m_bookmark_annotate_menu
KActionMenu * m_bookmark_import_menu
QSignalMapper * m_bookmark_set_mapper
QSignalMapper * m_bookmark_goto_mapper
QSignalMapper * m_bookmark_annotate_mapper
QSignalMapper * m_bookmark_import_mapper
std::vector< KAction *> m_bookmark_set_actions
std::vector< KAction *> m_bookmark_goto_actions
std::vector< KAction *> m_bookmark_annotate_actions
std::vector< KAction *> m_bookmark_import_actions
std::vector< KActionMenu *> m_bookmark_set_submenus
std::vector< KActionMenu *> m_bookmark_goto_submenus
std::vector< KActionMenu *> m_bookmark_annotate_submenus
std::vector< KActionMenu *> m_bookmark_import_submenus
bool m_show_difficulty
bool m_show_gems_left
bool m_show_author
bool m_show_user
bool m_auto_send_to_server
KToggleAction * m_auto_send_to_server_action
std::vector< LevelEditor *> m_editors
QTimer * m_state_timer
int m_auto_save_time

Detailed Description

The main window.

Ralf Schmelter (

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum MainWindow::BookmarkFormat

The type of info to display with bookmarks.

Enumeration values:
DATE   Display date.
DATE_AND_TIME   Display date and time.
COLLECTION   Display collection.
COLLECTION_AND_LEVEL   Display collection and level.
ANNOTATION   Display annotation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MainWindow::MainWindow QWidget * parent = 0,
char const * name = 0

Creates the window.

parent   The parent widget.
name   The internal name of the widget.

virtual MainWindow::~MainWindow [virtual]

Release all resources and writes back the current settings.

Member Function Documentation

Collection* MainWindow::actCollection [private]

Returns the current collection.

Level const& MainWindow::actLevel [private]

Returns the current level.

void MainWindow::addCollection Collection const & collection [private]

Adds a new collection and ensures the name is valid and unique.

collection   The collection to add.

void MainWindow::animationWriteStep [slot]

An animation write step.

void MainWindow::annotateBookmark int index [slot]

Changes the annotation fo a bookmark.

index   The index of the bookmark.

void MainWindow::annotateSolution [slot]

Lets the user annotate a solution.

void MainWindow::autoOptChanged [slot]

Called, when the auto optimize solutions options have changed.

void MainWindow::autoSendSolutions [slot]

Called when the auto send to server action is changed.

void MainWindow::changeAnimations int speed [slot]

Changes the animation speed.

speed   The new speed.

void MainWindow::changeUser [slot]

Changes the current user.

void MainWindow::collectionInfo [slot]

Shows information about the current collection.

void MainWindow::compareSolution [slot]

Compares your best solution with the others on the server.

void MainWindow::configChanged [slot]

Called, when the config file has changed.

void MainWindow::copyCurrentLevel [slot]

Called, when we copy a level.

void MainWindow::createLevelEditor Level const & level,
int collection_nr,
int level_nr

Creates a level editor.

level   The level to edit.
collection_nr   The collection number of the level.
level_nr   The level number of the level.

void MainWindow::createUser [slot]

Creates a new user for global highscore files.

QString MainWindow::currentGameToText [private]

Returns the current game in text format.

void MainWindow::deleteCurrentCollection [slot]

Called when we want to delete the current collection.

void MainWindow::deleteCurrentLevel [slot]

Called when we want to delete the current level.

void MainWindow::deleteSolutions [slot]

Lets the user delete solutions of the current level.

void MainWindow::deleteSolutionsByName [slot]

Lets the user delete solutions by name.

void MainWindow::duplicateCurrentCollection [slot]

Called when we duplicate the current collection.

void MainWindow::duplicateCurrentLevel [slot]

Called when we duplicate the current level.

void MainWindow::editCurrentLevel [slot]

Called, when we want to edit the current level.

void MainWindow::exportCollection [slot]

Exports the current collection.

void MainWindow::exportGame [slot]

Exports the current game.

void MainWindow::exportGameAnimation [slot]

Exports the game as an animation.

void MainWindow::exportGameImage [slot]

Exports the game as an image.

void MainWindow::exportSolutions [slot]

Exports solutions.

void MainWindow::findDups [slot]

Finds duplicated levels.

void MainWindow::firstLevel [slot]

Jumps to the first level in the collection.

virtual void MainWindow::focusInEvent QFocusEvent * event [protected, virtual]

Used to make mouse pointer visible.

virtual void MainWindow::focusOutEvent QFocusEvent * event [protected, virtual]

Used to make mouse pointer visible.

void MainWindow::forceUpdateCollections [slot]

Forces the update of the collections.

void MainWindow::getBestSolutionFromServer [slot]

Shows the best global solution.

PixmapProvider* MainWindow::getPixmapProvider [private]

Returns a pixmap provider for the actual theme.

KURL MainWindow::getSaveUrl QString const & dialog_tag,
QString const & filter
const [private]

Returns a url for saving.

dialog_tag   A tag to remember the last dir for different save dialogs.
filter   The filter(s) to use.

void MainWindow::gotoBookmark int index [slot]

Goes to a specified bookmark.

index   The index of the bookmark.

void MainWindow::hideGemsChanged [slot]

Called the the state of the gem visibility is changed.

void MainWindow::hideGoalsChanged [slot]

Called the the state of the goal visibility is changed.

void MainWindow::honorDeadlockChanged [slot]

Called when the state of the deadlock marking is changed.

char const* MainWindow::imageType KURL const & url const [private]

Returns the image type of a url.

url   The url.

void MainWindow::importCollection [slot]

Imports a collection.

void MainWindow::importGame [slot]

Imports a game.

void MainWindow::importKSokobanBookmark int index [slot]

Imports a KSokoban bookmark.

index   The index of the bookmark where the KSokoban bookmark will be stored.

void MainWindow::importSolutions [slot]

Imports solutions.

void MainWindow::importUser [slot]

Imports a user.

void MainWindow::insertLevelIntoNewCollection Level const & level [private]

Inserts the given level into a new collection.

level   The level to insert.

void MainWindow::insertNewCollection [slot]

Called when we want to insert a new collection.

void MainWindow::insertNewLevel [slot]

Called when we want to insert a new level.

void MainWindow::isOldPosition [slot]

Determines, if the current position has been reached before.

void MainWindow::jumpToEnd [slot]

Jumps to the end position.

void MainWindow::jumpToStart [slot]

Jumps to the start position.

virtual void MainWindow::keyPressEvent QKeyEvent * event [protected, virtual]

Used to handle keeper movements.

int MainWindow::lastLegalLevel const [private]

Returns the number of the last level, the player can jump to.

void MainWindow::lastLevel [slot]

Jumps to the last (allowed) level in the collection.

void MainWindow::levelEditorExited LevelEditor * level_editor [slot]

Called when a level editor is closed.

level_editor   The level editor which exits.

Level* MainWindow::levelFromClipboard [private]

Returns a pasted level from the clipboard.

Returns 0 if the clipboard does not contain a valid level.

void MainWindow::levelInfo [slot]

Shows information about the current level.

QString MainWindow::levelNameAndCollection Level const & level,
int level_nr,
Collection const & collection
const [private]

Returns a string containing the name (if the it has a name and the number otherwise) of a level plus the collection name of a given level in a collection.

level   The level.
level_nr   The number of the level in the collection.
collection   The collection of the level.

void MainWindow::loadASolution [slot]

Loads a previous solution.

void MainWindow::loadBestSolution [slot]

Loads the best previous solution of this level.

QStringList MainWindow::loadDataFromXsbFile QString const & dialog_tag const [private]

Loads an xsb file and returns the data as a list of strings.

dialog_tag   A tag to remember the last dir for different load dialogs.

void MainWindow::mailData QString const & data const [private]

Lets the user send data via mail.

data   The data to mail.

void MainWindow::makeCurrentCollectionNonTemporary [slot]

Makes the current collection non temporary.

void MainWindow::minimizeCollectionMoves [slot]

Minimize the moves in all solutions of the current collection.

void MainWindow::minimizeCollectionPushes [slot]

Minimize the pushes in all solutions.

void MainWindow::minimizeLevelMoves [slot]

Minimizes the moves in solutions of the current level.

void MainWindow::minimizeLevelPushes [slot]

Minimizes the pushes in solutions ofthe current level..

void MainWindow::minimizeMoves [slot]

Minimize the moves in all solutions.

void MainWindow::minimizePushes [slot]

Minimize the moves in all solutions of the current collection.

void MainWindow::moveDown [slot]

Moves the keeper down.

void MainWindow::moveFarDown [slot]

Moves a far down as possible.

void MainWindow::moveFarLeft [slot]

Moves a far left as possible.

void MainWindow::moveFarRight [slot]

Moves a far right as possible.

void MainWindow::moveFarUp [slot]

Moves a far up as possible.

void MainWindow::moveGem QPoint from,
QPoint to

Tries to move a gem from one position to another.

from   The start position of the gem.
to   The end position of the gem.

void MainWindow::moveKeeper QPoint from,
QPoint to

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

void MainWindow::moveKeeper QPoint point [slot]

Moves the keeper to the specified point if possible.

point   The point where the keeper should be moved.

void MainWindow::moveLeft [slot]

Moves the keep left.

void MainWindow::moveRight [slot]

Moves the keeper right.

void MainWindow::moveUp [slot]

Moves the keeper up.

void MainWindow::moveVirtualDown [slot]

Moves the virtual keeper down.

void MainWindow::moveVirtualLeft [slot]

Moves the virtual keeper left.

void MainWindow::moveVirtualRight [slot]

Moves the virtual keeper right.

void MainWindow::moveVirtualUp [slot]

Moves the virtual keeper up.

void MainWindow::nextCollection [slot]

Jumps to the next collection.

void MainWindow::nextLevel [slot]

Jumps to the next level in the collection.

void MainWindow::nextTheme [slot]

Use the next theme.

void MainWindow::optimizeSolutions int from,
int to,
Optimizer * optimizer

Optimizes the solutions.

from   The index of the first collection to optimize.
to   The indexx of one past the last collection to optimize.
optimizer   The optimizer to use.

void MainWindow::outsideAsWallChanged [slot]

Called when the state of treating outside fields as walls is changed.

void MainWindow::pasteLevel [slot]

Called when we paste a level.

void MainWindow::pasteLevelInNewCollection [slot]

Called when we paste a level into a new collection.

void MainWindow::performFindDups [slot]

Does the real work of findDups();.

void MainWindow::playMoves [slot]

Plays the moves till the end.

void MainWindow::prevCollection [slot]

Jumps to the previous collection.

void MainWindow::prevLevel [slot]

Jumps to the previous level in the collection.

void MainWindow::previousTheme [slot]

Use the previous theme.

void MainWindow::pullMoveDown [slot]

Moves the keeper down and tries to pull a gem.

void MainWindow::pullMoveLeft [slot]

Moves the keeper left and tries to pull a gem.

void MainWindow::pullMoveRight [slot]

Moves the keeper right and tries to pull a gem.

void MainWindow::pullMoveUp [slot]

Moves the keeper up and tries to pull a gem.

void MainWindow::quit [slot]

Quits the application.

void MainWindow::readChangedOptions [private]

Reads in configurations, which may have been changed by the options dialog.

void MainWindow::readConfig [private]

Reads the configurations.

void MainWindow::redo [slot]


void MainWindow::reorderCollectionsAndLevels [slot]

Lets the user reorder collections and levels.

void MainWindow::retroModeChanged [slot]

Called, when the retro mode was changed.

void MainWindow::saveCurrentLevelState [private]

Stores actual moves and solution of current level.

void MainWindow::saveDataAsXsbFile QString const & data,
QString const & dialog_tag
const [private]

Lets the user export the given data as an xsb file.

data   The data to save.
dialog_tag   A tag to remember the last dir for different save dialogs.

void MainWindow::saveState [slot]

Saves the state (bookmarks, levels, solutions).

void MainWindow::selectLevel [slot]

Lets the user select a level.

void MainWindow::sendBestSolutionToServer [slot]

Sends the best solution of the current level to the server.

void MainWindow::sendCollection [slot]

Sends the current collection.

void MainWindow::sendGame [slot]

Send the current game.

void MainWindow::sendSolutionToServer Map const & map,
Movements const & moves,
int nr_of_pushes,
int nr_of_linear_pushes,
int nr_of_gem_changes,
int nr_of_moves

Tries to place the solution of the given level to the highscore server.

map   The map of the solution.
moves   The moves of the solution.
nr_of_pushes   The number of pushes in the solution.
nr_of_linear_pushes   The number of linear pushes in the solution.
nr_of_gem_changes   The number of gem changes in the solution.
nr_of_moves   The number of moves in the solution.

void MainWindow::sendSolutions [slot]

Sends solutions.

void MainWindow::setBookmark int index [slot]

Sets a bookmark.

index   The index of the bookmark.

void MainWindow::setCollection int index [slot]

Jumps to the level collection with the given index.

index   The index of the level collection.

void MainWindow::setEditedLevel LevelEditor * level_editor [slot]

Sets a new level.

level_editor   The level editor to get the level from.

void MainWindow::setLevel int collection_nr,
int level_nr,
bool force_update = false,
bool dont_save_act_level = false

Changes the current level.

collection_nr   The number of the level collection.
level_nr   The number of the level in the collection. If the number is -1, we try to use the last visited level in the collection.
force_update   If true we update even if the level has not changed.
dont_save_act_level   If true, we don't save the current levels state.

void MainWindow::setTheme int theme [slot]

Sets a new theme.

theme   The index of the theme.

void MainWindow::setUser [slot]

Sets the current user.

void MainWindow::setupAccels [private]

Sets up the accelerators.

void MainWindow::setupActions [private]

Sets up the actions.

void MainWindow::setupBookmarkMenu [private]

Sets up the bookmark menu.

void MainWindow::setupBookmarkMenuEntry int index [private]

Sets up an entry in the bookmark menu.

Note that it must be created before.

index   The index of the bookmark.

void MainWindow::setupCollectionMenu [private]

Sets up the collection menu.

void MainWindow::setupThemeMenu [private]

Sets up the theme menu.

void MainWindow::showHighscores [slot]

Shows the 'highscore' widget.

void MainWindow::showKeyDialog [slot]

Pops up the key configuration dialog.

void MainWindow::showOptionsDialog [slot]

Shows the options dialog.

void MainWindow::showPushesChanged [slot]

Called when show pushes changed.

void MainWindow::showSolutions [slot]

Shows the local solutions of the current level.

void MainWindow::showToolbarDialog [slot]

Pops up the toolbar configuration dialog.

QString MainWindow::solutionsText [private]

Returns the text of solutions the user has selected or an empty string if the user canceled the operation.

void MainWindow::solve [slot]

Solves a level from the current position.

void MainWindow::solved [slot]

Called when the level was solved (either by hand or by redo/play etc.).

void MainWindow::solvedByHand [slot]

Called when the level was solved by hand.

void MainWindow::stopAnimation [slot]

Called, when the current animation should be stopped.

void MainWindow::tipOfTheDay [slot]

Shows the tip of the day.

void MainWindow::undo [slot]


void MainWindow::unsolved [slot]

Called when the level was unsolved (either by hand or by redo/play etc.).

void MainWindow::updateLevelActions [private]

Updates the state of the action which depend on the current level.

void MainWindow::updateStatusBar [slot]

Updates the status bar.

void MainWindow::updateToolbar [slot]

Updates the toolbar.

void MainWindow::updateUndoRedoActions [private]

Updates the state of the actions which depend of the undo/redo state.

void MainWindow::updateUserStatusBar [private]

Updates the current user in the status bar.

void MainWindow::updateWasSolvedActions [private]

Updates the state of the action which depend on wether the level was solved before.

void MainWindow::writeConfig [private]

Writes the configurtions.

Member Data Documentation

int MainWindow::m_animation_speed [private]

The animation speed.

MngAnimationStorer* MainWindow::m_animation_storer [private]

The animation storer.

QTimer* MainWindow::m_animation_timer [private]

The animation timer.

KAction* MainWindow::m_annotate_sol_action [private]

The annotate solution action.

bool MainWindow::m_auto_optimize_moves [private]

If true, we automatically optimize the number of moves.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_auto_optimize_moves_action [private]

The optimize moves action.

bool MainWindow::m_auto_optimize_pushes [private]

If true, we automatically optimize the number of pushes.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_auto_optimize_pushes_action [private]

The optimize pushes action.

int MainWindow::m_auto_save_time [private]

The auto save time.

bool MainWindow::m_auto_send_to_server [private]

If true, we send solution automatically to the server.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_auto_send_to_server_action [private]

The auto send to server action.

int MainWindow::m_best_number_of_moves [private]

The best number of moves for the level so far.

int MainWindow::m_best_number_of_pushes [private]

The best number of pushes for the level so far.

std::vector<KAction *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_annotate_actions [private]

The bookmark annotate actions.

QSignalMapper* MainWindow::m_bookmark_annotate_mapper [private]

The bookmark annotate menu signal mapper.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_bookmark_annotate_menu [private]

The bookmark annotate menu.

std::vector<KActionMenu *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_annotate_submenus [private]

The bookmark annotate submenus.

BookmarkFormat MainWindow::m_bookmark_format [private]

The info display with the bookmarks.

std::vector<KAction *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_goto_actions [private]

The bookmark goto actions.

QSignalMapper* MainWindow::m_bookmark_goto_mapper [private]

The bookmark goto menu signal mapper.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_bookmark_goto_menu [private]

The bookmark goto menu.

std::vector<KActionMenu *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_goto_submenus [private]

The bookmark goto submenus.

std::vector<KAction *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_import_actions [private]

The bookmark import actions.

QSignalMapper* MainWindow::m_bookmark_import_mapper [private]

The bookmark import menu signal mapper.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_bookmark_import_menu [private]

The bookmark import menu.

std::vector<KActionMenu *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_import_submenus [private]

The bookmark import submenus.

std::vector<KAction *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_set_actions [private]

The bookmark set actions.

QSignalMapper* MainWindow::m_bookmark_set_mapper [private]

The bookmark set menu signal mapper.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_bookmark_set_menu [private]

The bookmark set menu.

std::vector<KActionMenu *> MainWindow::m_bookmark_set_submenus [private]

The bookmark set submenus.

std::vector<KRadioAction *> MainWindow::m_collection_actions [private]

The actions of the collections.

std::vector<KRadioAction *> MainWindow::m_collection_by_author_actions [private]

The actions of the collections by author.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_collection_by_author_menu [private]

The collection by author menu.

std::vector<KActionMenu *> MainWindow::m_collection_by_author_submenus [private]

The actions of the collections by author submenus.

std::vector<KRadioAction *> MainWindow::m_collection_by_difficulty_actions [private]

The actions of the collections by difficulty.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_collection_by_difficulty_menu [private]

The collection by difficulty menu.

std::vector<KActionMenu *> MainWindow::m_collection_by_difficulty_submenus [private]

The actions of the collections by difficulty submenus.

QSignalMapper* MainWindow::m_collection_mapper [private]

The signal mapper for the collections.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_collection_menu [private]

The action menu of the collections.

int MainWindow::m_collection_nr [private]

The current collection number.

KAction* MainWindow::m_delete_sol_action [private]

The delete solution action.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_dont_optimize_solutions_action [private]

The don't optimize action.

DuplicateLevelFinder* MainWindow::m_duplicate_level_finder [private]

The duplicate level finder.

std::vector<LevelEditor *> MainWindow::m_editors [private]

Holds the current active level editors.

QTimer* MainWindow::m_find_dups_timer [private]

The find dups timer.

KAction* MainWindow::m_first_level_action [private]

The first level action.

Game* MainWindow::m_game [private]

The current game.

bool MainWindow::m_goto_any_level [private]

If true, we can also jump over not solved levels.

bool MainWindow::m_hide_gems [private]

If true, we hide the gems.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_hide_gems_action [private]

The hide gems action.

bool MainWindow::m_hide_goals [private]

If true, we hide the goals.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_hide_goals_action [private]

The hide goals action.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_honor_deadlock_action [private]

The honor deadlock action.

bool MainWindow::m_honor_deadlocks [private]

If true, we honor deadlocks.

int MainWindow::m_is_solved [private]

If true, the current level is solved.

KAction* MainWindow::m_jump_end_action [private]

The jump to end action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_jump_start_action [private]

The jump to start action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_last_level_action [private]

The last level action.

int MainWindow::m_level_nr [private]

The current level number.

KAction* MainWindow::m_load_best_sol_action [private]

The load best solution action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_load_sol_action [private]

The load solution action.

Map* MainWindow::m_map [private]

The current map.

MapWidget* MainWindow::m_map_widget [private]

The map widget.

KAction* MainWindow::m_min_moves_action [private]

The minimize moves in solutions action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_min_pushes_action [private]

The minimize pushes in solutions action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_next_level_action [private]

The next level action.

bool MainWindow::m_next_level_when_solved [private]

If true, we move to the next level if we have solved one by hand.

int MainWindow::m_number_of_bookmarks [private]

The number of bookmarks.

bool MainWindow::m_outside_as_wall [private]

If true, we treat outside fields as walls.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_outside_as_wall_action [private]

The show outside fields as wall action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_play_action [private]

The play action.

KAction* MainWindow::m_prev_level_action [private]

The previous level action.

ProgressDialog* MainWindow::m_progress_dialog [private]

The progress dialog.

KAction* MainWindow::m_redo_action [private]

The redo action.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_retro_mode_action [private]

The retro mode action.

KToggleAction* MainWindow::m_show_arrow_action [private]

The show arrows action.

bool MainWindow::m_show_arrows [private]

If true, we show possible pushes.

bool MainWindow::m_show_author [private]

If true, we show the author of the level in the status bar.

bool MainWindow::m_show_difficulty [private]

If true, we show the difficulty of the level in the status bar.

bool MainWindow::m_show_gems_left [private]

If true, we show the gems left in the status bar.

bool MainWindow::m_show_user [private]

If true, we show the current user in the status bar.

QTimer* MainWindow::m_state_timer [private]

The timer used for automatically storing of state.

int MainWindow::m_theme [private]

The index of the actual theme.

std::vector<KRadioAction *> MainWindow::m_theme_actions [private]

The actions of the themes.

QSignalMapper* MainWindow::m_theme_mapper [private]

The signal mapper of the theme menu.

KActionMenu* MainWindow::m_theme_menu [private]

The action menu of the themes.

KAction* MainWindow::m_undo_action [private]

The undo action.

bool MainWindow::m_was_solved [private]

If true, the current level was solved or is solved.

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